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Lesson Six Brief introduction of the therapeutic regimes of our hospital
Vitiligo is a recalcitrant disease. It causes disfigurement and affect interpersonal communications. It can cause great psychological pressure and mental sufferings especially for adolescent students and youths of marrying age. Depression, melancholy, and change of character are often observed, which adversely affect their study, work and life. Many of them seek medical treatment from every possible source and cause serious financial burden for their family by spending lots of money. Many hope that a cure of the disease can be found to relieve the mental pressure and psychological burden caused by the disease.
The vitiligo clinic of our hospital has made preparations for the treatment of vitiligo after 20 years of clinical research by comparison of many types of treatment and screening of many recipes based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. Over 7000 patients suffered from the disease have been treated at our clinic with oral Anti-vitiligo (Xiaobailing) powder, Gui-qi anti-vitiligo dissolvable granules, Gui-qi anti-vitiligo capsules, Anti-vitiligo (Xiaobaiquban) bolus, Anti-vitiligo decoction, and Anti-vitiligo tincture. Good results have been achieved with a total effective rate of 87%. For the (untreated) early-stage vitiligo patients the cure rate is over 95%. Some intermediate and late stage vitiligo patients have been cure. For some patients even though there was no cure, there may be marked improvement and effective control of the disease progression. Since vitiligo is a disease with multiple, complicated factors few can be cured within 3 months. Most patients need long courses of treatment, usually between 8 -16 months. The patients are advised against impatience for a quick result, otherwise the anxiety might lead to the opposite of what one desires. The doctor's orders should be strictly followed and the prescribed drugs should not be used at one's own will, esp. the topical agents. The prolonged use or abuse of any kinds of topical agents will cause adverse stimulation of the skin, leading to injuries with thickening and aging of the skin, and thus, making the subsequent treatment more difficult. To prevent the thickening and ageing of the skin caused by topical agents, it is best advised that the patients use these drugs under the doctor's supervision and regular examination.

1. Recipes and mechanism of action
The treatment of vitiligo by Chinese herbal medicine in our hospital is based an overall analysis of the symptoms and signs according to the theories of traditional Chinese Medicine. The recipes are selected according to the clinical types of the disease. The basic recipe contains more than 10 herbal medicines, such as Chinese angelica root, Chuanxiong rhizome, broom cypress fruit, dittany bark, fleece-flower root, wolfberry fruit, licorice root, Chinese caterpillar fungus, astragalus fruit, red peony root and cinnamon twig. In the recipe fleece-flower fruit, wolfberry fruit and Chinese angelica root have the function of nourishing the liver and kidney, nourishing and regulating blood; while Chuanxiong rhizome and red peony root can activate blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, and when used in combination with cinnamon twig, can penetrate the skin and hair and reach the four limbs, clearing and activating the channels and collaterals, and removing blood stasis and promoting regeneration. Dittany bark and broom cypress fruit can remove the wetness-heat from the skin; licorice root can co-ordinate the actions of various components in the recipe and in combination with astragalus fruit can reinforce their mutual function, supplementing qi and invigorating vital function as well as detoxificating. Modern pharmacological research has demonstrated that cinnamon twig can dilate blood vessels and enhance microcirculation. Astragalus fruit, fleece-flower root, wolfberry fruit, Chinese caterpillar fungus can regulate the body immune function and maintain homeostasis. All of the ingredients when used in combination can nourish the liver and kidney, invigorating vital function and nourishing blood, dispelling qi, and removing wetness, invigorating blood, activating blood circulation and dissipating blood stasis, clearing channels and collaterals and removing patches. This is the treatment of the primary aspect of the disease. The topical herbal preparations made by soaking dahurian angelica root and bark of Chinese cassia tree in ethanol. Dahurian angelica root can promote melanocyte regeneration while bark of Chinese cassia tree is acid-sweet and rich in heat, and can dissipate blood stasis and promote blood circulation. It can dilate peripheral blood vessels and increase local blood flow when applied topically. This topical treatment will activate the melanocytes and to treat the external aspect of the disease. When the above oral and topical therapies are used in combination the disease will be treated internally as well as externally, thus treating both the principal and secondary symptoms at the same time. After 3 months' treatment with Chinese herbal medicine, the treatment is supplemented with epidermal autografting to increase the number of melanocytes in the lesion areas, promoting healing of the vitiliginous patches, and shortening the treatment courses with increased the cure rate.

2. Introduction to our herbal medicine preparations
(1) Anti-vitiligo (Xiaobailing) powder:
8 g. twice a day, taken with warm water

(2) Gui-qi anti-vitiligo dissolvable granules:
Different preparations are available based on different recipes.
8 g per sacket, one sacket a time, twice a day for adults

(3) Gui-qi anti-vitiligo capsules
Different preparations are available based on different recipes.
For adults: 6 capsules, twice a day

(4) Anti-vitiligo (Xiaobaiquban) bolus
1 bolus, twice a day

(5) Anti-vitiligo decoction.
Decocted from herbal medicines, suitable for special types of patients, such as those with rapid dissemination, or complicated with rheumatism, psoriasis or other skin diseases. The decoction can be modified according to the patients' symptoms and signs, but troublesome in preparation and administration.

(6) Anti-vitiligo tincture:
preparations 1-6; Different preparations can be selected according to different conditions.

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